Rulebook Updates

Each year, the NICA Rules Committee meets to discuss issues that came up during the course of a season and brainstorm updates to the rulebook that benefit all leagues.  After the conclusion of the meetings, the committee votes on the rules to be modified and published in the upcoming season’s rulebook.  Meetings begin after the commencement of Spring leagues from June through August.

As you peruse the 2019 Rulebook, you will note several changes from last year’s publication. In the last section below, you will find a summary of the rules that have been modified and have taken effect in the 2018-19 seasons.

If you have questions about the rule changes, please contact us at, or get in touch with your league representative.

Request Rulebook Change – 2018-2019 Rulebook

If you would like to submit a rulebook change request or recommendation for a new rule, please fill out the form linked here or the one embedded below.

Voting Members, 2018-2019

Voting members of the rules committee are part of NICA Chapter Leagues, the NICA Board and NICA staff.  During the rules committee process, votes are cast by these members and rules are modified based on the results.

Representative Name Affiliation Position Team
Jon Francis NorCal Head Coach San Rafael
Mike Bagg SoCal Head Coach Yucaipa High School
Kate Rau Colorado CO League Director N/a
Lori Harward Utah UT League Director N/a
Vance McMurry Texas League Director N/a
Joshua Kleve Minnesota League Director N/a
Mike Perry Arizona League Director N/a
Jason Cairo New York League Director N/a
Trent Boysen Tennessee General Volunteer University School of Nashville
Julia Lawrence NICA Staff NICA N/a


Members of the rules committee are composed of the various NICA Project Leagues, whose input and feedback is essential to driving rule modifications.  During the voting process, members provide their statement of position on various rule change proposals.

Representative Name Affiliation Position Team
Jeff Veal Georgia Chief Referee N/a
Don Edberg Wisconsin Co-League Director N/a
Kathy Mock Wisconsin Co-League Director N/a
Eddie Freyer Alabama League Director N/a
Peter Hufnagel Virginia League Director N/a
Dylan Gradhandt Idaho League Director N/a
Zack Blaser Pennsylvania Chief Referee N/a

2017-2018 Rulebook Updates

Rulebook Updates, March 2018

  • Rule 1: Added language to clarify priority of consequences.
  • Rule 2.8: Language modified to clarify meaning of “in-season” and application of rules.
  • Rule 2.18: Language addressing deference and discretion updated and separated, and moved to Sub-A from Sub-C.
  • Rule 7.16: Language edit to make reference to off-season more flexible
  • Rule 11.13: Remove specific measurement for course sweep and leave “at a distance.”
  • Rule 11.15: Updated based on Safety Study to have designated reporter responsible for submitting incident reports
  • Rule 13.3: Language updated to clarify prohibition of bad behavior by coaches and consequences.
  • Rule 14.1: Language updated to clarify ultimate defense to league in responding to Parent protests.
  • Rule 14.2: Language update to clarify limitation to parent support on course and consequences.
  • Appendix B: Remove references to Summer and post season
  • Appendix D – Arkansas – Inclusion of League Exceptions for Arkansas.