NICA programs provide quality and innovative youth cycling opportunities for student-athletes, coaches, volunteers and league leadership.

NICA Teams, Events, Camps & Clinics


Teams: NICA teams provide the opportunity for student-athletes to be a part of a team, grow as individuals and cyclists, and to be part of the larger NICA community.  Student-athletes do not need to race in order to be part of the team!

Events: Race Series: Each NICA league hosts a Race Series which allows student-athletes the opportunity to push their various levels of performance limits while experiencing foundational life lessons such as self-awareness, discipline, success, failure, empathy, humility, and sportsmanship. Adventure: Our emerging adventure program seeks to provide student-athletes quality outdoor education, experiential and social opportunities outside of on in addition to mountain bike racing. Our adventure program will launch in 2019.

Camps & Clinics:  In addition to race and adventure events, NICA Leagues offer a variety of youth development opportunities through camps and clinics. Camps and clinics are league events that provide opportunities for skill and character development for both student-athletes and coaches.  

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GRiT - Girls Riding Together -  is NICA’s focused effort to bring more girls and women into the cycling community to close the opportunity gap for current and future generations. NICA aims to increase female student-athlete and coach participation rates in our programs by 10% by 2023.

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NICA Teen Trail Corps

Teen Trail Corps is a program that provides NICA student-athletes the opportunity to serve and give their time towards bike related advocacy activities. It is designed to provide exposure and be a gateway for NICA student-athletes into the world of advocacy.

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NICA Adventure

NICA Adventure is a program that Allows youth to experience the benefits of mountain biking, camaraderie, community, and the outdoors. Reinforce our core values while building health and strength, learning new skills, and being part of a team of like-minded people through outdoor experiential education.

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NICA Coaches Licensing

The NICA Coach License Program provides NICA Leaders' Summit training (in person coach training), curriculum development, membership support, and ongoing training to coaches and leagues. As part of NICA, coaches have access to coach discounts based on their license level.

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NICA League Development and Leadership

League membership provides league leadership (League Directors, League Core Team members, Board members, Coach supporters and Guild members) the training and ongoing support needed to set up and run a successful NICA league. This includes resources, training, curriculum, regional and national conferences to support the coach and team development as well as league leadership and executive development. Leagues have access to programs developed by, and in collaboration with, NICA. NICA also provides leagues with insurance coverage, business services, and national brand endorsements.

How to start a NICA League