NICA Safety Study


As an organization, NICA is committed to promoting the health and wellness of every student-athlete while they ride and race. NICA has partnered with sports medicine physicians around the country and the University of Utah to begin a high school mountain bike injury-tracking program called the “NICA Safety Study.” Our goal is to better understand what injuries our student-athletes sustain. As we track injuries and analyze their patterns, we hope to institute preventative measures to make training and racing safer.



For the purposes of the NICA safety study and  incidents relating to NICA, injury is defined as any physical event that occurs during a NICA team practice, race, coaches training or camp that results in physical harm to participant significant enough to:

1) Warrant referral to a medical provider;
2) Lose time from training or competition beyond day of injury;
3) Miss school or work.

Brochures For Each Role

Everybody in the NICA Community has a role in the Safety Study. Please see the brochure associated with your role(s) below-

Student Athlete and Parent Brochure

NICA Coaches Presentation – Leaders Summit Safety Study On boarding Fall 2019 Version

For Additional Questions

NICA Safety Study FAQ

Incident Report Forms

NICA Safety Study Paper Form-  For note taking only. Use online form below to submit.

NICA Safety Study Universal Online Incident Report Form

Exposure Tracking- Designated Reporters can now double check to ensure their weekly exposure reports have been received and retro-actively fill-out any missing weeks using the log below.

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