NICA Booster Fund

Annual Grant Opportunities

Purpose: The NICA Booster Fund is a national program focused on increasing the overall access to NICA programs, especially student-athletes, teams, and coaches from underrepresented areas and disadvantaged backgrounds in NICA high school mountain biking leagues.

The Fund provides direct support, through individual scholarships, stipends and grants, to offset expenses directly related to participation in NICA league and team activities. By covering these expenses, the fund also provides support for NICA leagues and helps to ensure the sustainable development and funding of league staff, programs and activities by actively assisting in the expansion of league ridership.

The NICA Booster Fund is instrumental in achieving NICA’s mission to enable every American teen the opportunity to strengthen their body, mind and character through participation in NICA high school mountain biking.

The grant application process is managed locally by each High School Cycling League.  For further information, please contact your respective High School Cycling League Executive Director or visit your league’s website.


If you would like to get in touch with a director from a specific league, please see the list below to apply.


League Director League Role Email
Vanessa Hauswald NorCal League Director
Matt Gunnell SoCal League Director
Kate Rau Colorado League Director
Vance McMurry Texas League Director
Joshua Kleve Minnesota League Director
Dallen Atack Utah League Director
Jason Cairo New York League Director
Katherine Williams Tennessee League Director
Mike Perry Arizona League Director
Dan Brooks Georgia League Director