More than Racing – Pennsylvania Adventure Weekend

Several of our leagues are piloting "adventure" programs this fall. Our emerging adventure programs seek to allow youth to experience the benefits of mountain biking, camaraderie, community, and the outdoors.

NICA adventure programs reinforce our core values; they enable youth to build health and strength, learn new skills, and be part of a team through outdoor experiences.

Recently, The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League piloted its first Adventure Weekend September 8-9 at Oesterling Farm in Marysville, Pennsylvania. This weekend was a non-race activity, designed to bring student-athletes, coaches and families together. We caught up with Pennsylvania League Director, Mike Kuhn to get the scoop on this fun weekend!

PICL Adventure Weekend Recap!

By League Director, Mike Kuhn

The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League's (PICL) first adventure weekend was a huge hit with participants. The weekend was built around non-racing activities with the theme of "Strong Bodies." Student-athletes, their coaches and families got to know each-other through some ice breakers and then participated in a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt connected student-athletes across different teams as they completed activities together. After the scavenger hunt, there was bike-decorating and an evening ride followed by a family pot-luck!

We realize that NICA is more than racing, and this weekend was a step toward expanding our non-racing activities. Coaches and student-athletes alike were excited to focus on activities related to mountain biking, but that went beyond racing.
We are looking forward to two more Adventure Days this fall, and seeing what exciting experiences these bring for our league. Our next Adventure Day will be focused on "Strong Minds" and our final one will be focused on "Strong Character." Stay tuned to see what fun adventures unfold as we pilot this fun new program in Pennsylvania!
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