October’s Point Of View: Wisconsin League

unnamed-17Every few months we tell a story from within our NICA family that exemplifies the meaningful impact our programs have for all involved. We want to hear your stories so be sure to send us an email at content@nationalmtb.org with the subject: “Point of View”.

This month’s story takes a different form. From time to time ‘thank you’ & ‘testimonial’ emails float around among the national office staff. These emails are typically sent directly to a league director and work there way up to our Executive Director, then shared with the rest of the office. This is where we find the majority of stories used for this series.

This month, instead of curating our internal email chain – we decided to copy and paste the raw emails to give you a look behind the scenes. We hope you like this alternate view. We’d love to hear from you too, so don’t hesitate to send us an email or connect on social media!

Dear Coach Tobin – Thanks for sharing this awesome story! I really appreciate all that you and your fellow volunteers are doing for the student-athletes! Hearing stories like this remind me of all the good that is coming from our programs and while I spend a TON of time in front of the computer these days, I really appreciate hearing from the front lines.

I remember your interactions with the team vividly as I was very impressed with the tone and messaging you delivered to the the students. While many of them may not know it, I guarantee that some years from now they will look back with great fondness for all you provided them.

As Janette states “Ultimately, the actual riding, racing and “overall standing” is all secondary to what our young adults are learning about sportsmanship, teamwork, hard work and perseverance” is what our program is really all about. I tell this to people all the time.

– Austin McInerny | Executive Director



Austin,  A year ago you rode with our team (Wausau United Ride) here in Wisconsin, the student athletes still chat about it! Enclosed is a parent email chain of how “making a difference” is present in our efforts. We are so proud of being part of NICA and the Wisconsin league! Thank you again for all your efforts and “Ride On”

– Coach J. Tobin  Wausau United Ride


I wanted to share an email exchange I had with a mom from the Sauk Prairie Composite team.  Ms. Jill made an fellow athlete’s first race a great experience…she is a shining example of good sportsmanship (and just being a great kiddo)! Tell her THANK YOU and she made Wausau United very proud!

– Thank you, Janette


Jane & Jill,

Awe, thank you so much for reaching out and sharing!  I am so happy that Jill was there to help Jean with those pesky pre-race nerves (tell her that even the most seasoned racers get them)! It was Liberty’s first race too!  I am sure that their pre-race chat helped Liberty just as much as it helped Jean! I will share your comments with the coaches and with Liberty’s parents.

I am sure they will be just as proud of her as I am.  And, it will be a good reminder to all of our athletes that good sportsmanship (and good citizenship) shouldn’t be minimized and is often more important/impactful than they realize. Watching our young athletes from all over the state come together and compete in such a positive and supportive environment is the COOLEST thing about our league!

Ultimately, the actual riding, racing and “overall standing” is all secondary to what our young adults are learning about sportsmanship, teamwork, hard work and perseverance.

– Thanks again for sharing! Janette “Mom-ager” Wausau Composite


Hi Wausau –

My name is Jane, and I’m writing to send a quick note of thanks to your MTB rider Jill who was at the middle school starting line with my daughter Jean last weekend in Minooka Park. Jean was a complete bundle of nerves – downright terrified.

But after the race, she mentioned Jill’s name a couple of times and said that chatting with her while waiting on the starting line really helped calm her down before the race. It might not have seemed like a big deal at the time, but for one really timid 6th grader, it was a HUGE deal. Please thank her for her kindness and amazing sportsmanship.

Jean helped make that moment a lot less stressful and the event a lot more enjoyable for Jill, and she had a great first race experience.

– Many many thanks, Jane (and Jean too) Sauk Prairie Composite

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