Buck Up for Bikes Program earns $2,500 for NICA

tumblr_inline_odsbbbvkbx1sifhvb_500Earlier this year the bicycle shipping service, BikeFlights, introduced a charity program aptly titled “Buck Up for Bikes”. The format is similar to many give-back programs found in grocery or retail stores, however not so common within the bicycle industry – yet.

The program is quite simple:

BikeFlights.com customers have the option to contribute $1 to NICA when they book their bike shipping online at BikeFlights.com, a bicycle shipping service for cyclists. BikeFlights.com collects and tracks all donations and covers costs of administering and publicizing the program.

At the penultimate industry event of 2016, Interbike, BikeFlights.com presented a check to NICA’s executive director Austin McInerny for $2,500, over twice as much as the program’s original goal. Upon receiving the check, Austin said,

I am grateful and proud of the way cyclists have come forward, from leaders like BikeFlights.com to casual riders, to support today’s youth and the future of cycling in the USA. Our ability to meet the growing demand for interscholastic cycling will be met in years to come by creative programs like Buck Up for Bikes. Simply put, this is about cyclists supporting the growth of the sport in America.

Many companies within the bicycle industry have voiced their support for NICA’s effort to create and foster the next generation of American cyclists. And while verbal support definitely has its place, some sort of tangible aid is what’s really needed to help sustain and grow these programs. That’s why it’s great to see companies like BikeFlights.com thinking outside the box and doing their part to build a foundation for the next generation of cyclists.


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