Back To School Sales, Or Summer Trails?

Back to school sales or summer trails


Days are getting shorter and the leaves are beginning to turn beautiful shades of red and gold. Summer is ending and Fall is right around the corner. For some, this means less time spent on the bike and outdoors – but for others, this means hunting for the best back to school sales.

This time of year has always felt bittersweet. We’re saying goodbye to family vacations, all day excursions into nature, and (for some) long days at the beach; but on the plus side, we get to reconnect with friends, share in each other’s summertime adventures, and jumpstart our cerebral thought processes.

Nothing in life that’s worthwhile is easy, and everything that’s worthwhile requires hard work

Going back to school means it’s time to bury our head into that textbook night after night, study for upcoming tests, and collaborate with fellow classmates on school projects. Oh if you could only go back to that wonderful & flowing singletrack… For one of our colleagues, one word comes to mind when recalling this time in his life: dread.


Back to school sales or summer trails 2


But there’s no need for dreadful thoughts. There’s nothing but opportunity in front of us: to make new friends, to learn more about the world, and most importantly to develop our sense of self. So when you find yourself dreading the thought of spending 2+ hours on homework, just imagine yourself at the top of a grueling climb preparing for an epic descent.

Now consider all the hard work that went into pedaling up to the top of that climb. Nothing in life that’s worthwhile is easy, and everything that’s worthwhile requires hard work. Now go get after that homework like you’re going for the holeshot!

To parents the phrase “back to school” usually stirs up thoughts of sales for school supplies, clothes, and other fall necessities. In this digital era, we typically do this online via websites like Ebay and Amazon. Many of these sites allow us to select a charity to which a small percentage of every order is donated.

Do us a favor and choose the National Interscholastic Cycling Association when able, and when you’re feeling extra charitable – you can visit our booster club page and make a donation. Every penny counts, and we’re so thankful for your generosity!

Lastly: since we’ve been talking about back to school deals and charity donations… you may be interested in Trek’s Buyers Guide, plus Giro is offering a trade-up program for old helmets, and Bike Flights allows you to add $1 to your order which then goes to NICA.



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