Meet Maurice Tierney – Publisher of DirtRag Magazine

Maurice Tierney, the perfect face and personality for the man behind a magazine that continues to keep it’s focus on singletrack, bikes, and the marriage between the two. We sat down with Maurice to learn more about Maurice himself, DirtRag and how NICA got involved in all of this.

If you learn nothing more from this interview, know that if you are a registered NICA rider, you will be receiving electronic DirtRags via email.

Q: How did the NICA-DirtRag relationship start?  How has this partnership grown over the years?

A: It all started with me riding  and pretending to be adult supervision with the El Cerrito team. We all have a great time “training,” and I’m honored to be hanging with kids that just wanna go out and have fun! It only made sense that we would become a sponsor. Kids are the future!

Q: How are DirtRag’s and NICA’s attitude and hopes for the sport of mountain biking similar?

A: ‘Cuz we both believe in the big picture, getting more people on bikes, and thus solving all of the worlds problems. Bikes are conservative with energy, cure obesity, and build community. Kids especially need exercise and so do their parents.

Q: When DirtRag subscribers read a story about NICA, what message do you think is most appealing to them?  In other words, what is it about NICA that your subscribers find engaging?

A: While the kids might fall off their bikes and hit their heads, they’re not doing it on purpose like they do on the football field.

Cycling is something that anyone can do regardless of age, skill, or strength. Too many sports are based on unattainable goals of becoming famous, making a bunch of money, and taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Q: What do you hope NICA student-athletes learn about the bike through their participation in the Leagues?  How do you see student-athletes adding to the biking community after high school? 

A:  They’re in for fun for starters, that’s what riding bikes is all about. But later on they see that bikes are more than that, they can be a way of life, a positive force for the world!

Q: Are their any upcoming articles or DirtRag events that NICA student-athletes, coaches, or parents should keep an eye out for?

A:  Trans-Sylvania Epic for sure, we’re a major sponsor.  Whistler Crankworx. We will be attending.  To a lesser degree, the Dirty Kanza 200, which we sponsor.  And the next Access column in this upcoming issue is pretty cool to note. It’s about a mountain bike trail-building college in Canada.

Q: If a NICA student-athlete were interested in writing about bikes, whether for blogs, magazines or some other format, what advice would you give him or her?

A: Just do it! Let your passion flow and great things will happen. And be persistent.

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