Background Check FAQ

The background Screening Program is designed to:

1)   Protect the confidentiality information and the privacy of NICA members.

2)   Review members and prospective members based on criteria established by NICA.

3)   Provide those members who have been screened with an opportunity to challenge incorrect information found in the screening process before a result is forwarded to NICA.

4)   Any results that fail to meet the NICA background screening criteria and any action in those instances where the screening results produce disqualifiers, the individual will be forwarded to a NICA representative or review panel to be given a final decision. Any negative results will not be disclosed to any affiliates or members of NICA with the exception o the NICA representative or review panel.

5)   The background screening performed on the members’ is based on the members’ name, date of birth, address history and social security number.

Who is the background screening provider?

The NICA background screenings are provided by TC Logiq, a reputable provider of professional volunteers and pre-employment screenings.  The Colorado Springs, CO company also works with both USA Swimming and USA Wrestling for their volunteer and coach screening services. You can learn more about TC Logiq by visiting

What databases does the background screening include?

The TC Logiq StraTegiC Report is based on searches using an applicants name, date of birth, address history and social security number. The StraTegiC Report consists of a Social Security Number Verification and Trace, National Criminal Database search, National Sex Offender Registry database search, and International Essential Report.

How much does the background screening cost?

The NICA background screening costs the member $22.  The fee will be paid by the member to TC Logic at the time that he/she goes online to initiate the background screen.  Most major credit cards are accepted as payment.

What if I am uncomfortable submitting sensitive information over the internet?

For individuals that prefer, there is a manual screening process. There is an additional cost associated with the manual search.  Please contact for additional information regarding manual screening.

How long until I know the results of my background screening?

Typical background screens take 3-5 business days,  but sometimes may take up to 14 days if special searches are required.

What if I my background screening contains information I believe to be inaccurate?

In the event that a background screening returns information that the member believe to be not accurate, he or she will have the opportunity to dispute that information with TC Logiq. To protect member confidentiality and allow due process, this opportunity will precede any communication of information with NICA.

Many NICA members are already screened by various agencies for other employment of volunteer purposes.  Is it possible for NICA to accept these screens so that we do not pay to be screened again?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.  The current reality of the industry is that there is no national clearinghouse for this type of information and, if there were, there are no standard criteria by which search reports are evaluated.  Two employers may make different hiring decisions based on the same information.  Likewise, various youth organizations use different criteria to determine eligibility for memberships.  Because of privacy concerns and certain requirements imposed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, there is significant reluctance to share information between organizations.

How often do I have to get a background screening for NICA?

The NICA background screening need only be done once for NICA Coaches License holders.  However, if you are a coach that is moving to a new team for whatever reason, you will be required to undergo a new background screening upon changing teams.

Additional questions about the background screening process can be directed to