Dear NICA Community:

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, national and league leadership is working diligently to first and foremost ensure the health, safety and well-being of the NICA community.

Following guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) all NICA sanctioned in-person activities, events, and team practices are temporarily suspended. We will continue to review and update this guidance as the situation unfolds.

Please check with your local league for details on league specific events, updates and more detailed regional guidance. Based on factors specific to each league and their state, most leagues have already implemented suspensions of in-person activities. Your league is the best source of information for region specific updates and guidance. 

For information on public health and safety - we recommend that you look to the guidance from the WHO and CDC.

Our community is strong and resilient and in these uncertain times we will continue to be strong as we stay safe and support one another through this challenge. We look forward to seeing everyone on the trails once this has passed!

Contact: if you have further questions.

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Founded in 2009, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) develops interscholastic mountain biking programs for student-athletes across the United States. Learn more here.

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NICA coaches are role models and teachers who are open to learning the best practices of youth mountain bike coaching and actively work to hone their leadership skills on and off the bike. Learn more here.

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NICA exists because of the generous support of our founding sponsors, national sponsors and our donors. If the interscholastic cycling movement moves you, please consider donating and help get one more kid on a bike!

Happy FRIDAY!! No matter where you live, sunny skies and flowing trails await you this spring. Check out how @shimanomtb @rideshimano pays tribute to those whose labor of love build a better tomorrow for mountain bikers everywhere. Check the latest Make Your Mark video “Shape Your World” from Shimano at:

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Shout to 2020 Senior @liam.murphy21 and @scmcycling from @norcalleague! Liam has been a part of NICA since his freshman year and steadily progressed in his riding, placing top-10 in JV last year and was super stoked to be racing Varsity this season. (Huge thanks to his coaches Andrew Brittany Cavaletto!) Liam credits his mountain biking experience with helping him become not only a stronger rider, but a better person. The camaraderie felt among his teammates and fellow league racers has always been amazing. While we're all sad the Spring Season had to end abruptly, we're excited to see seniors and other student-athletes like Liam already looking forward to staying connected with NICA and continuing to ride!
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Meet NICA's Registration & Administration Manager - Julia Lawerence! Julia has been involved with NICA since before there was a NICA -- first as a parent starting in 2007 when her daughter began racing with the @norcalleague @srv_mtb. Julia then joined the NICA National staff in 2012 as part of our fabulous Admin Team and wears a number of hats managing everything from the PitZone Registration system to facilitating insurance requests and supporting technology needs. If you've had a registration question - Julia has been the one to help! According to Julia, the best part of her job is "...working with all of you - the parents, coaches, team directors, and league directors across the US. We all have the united mission of getting #morekidsonbikes!"
Fun Fact about Julia is that she is the youngest of 11 children! Yes, the size of a D1 team in some leagues. Her mom told her from an early age, she used to refuse help and would say "I’ll do it myself" constantly. Her Mom jokingly says today what a relief it was to hear that! Needless to say, growing up with 10 siblings was a unique life experience that taught Julia so much. She attributes her work ethic and determination to her upbringing, and more specifically, to her mom. "She is an incredible woman and I am so lucky to have her in my life." #NICAStaff #morekidsonbikes #morgirlsonbikes Photo: @tmbimages

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Catch up on how NICA and its leagues are getting #moregirlsonbikes, see how @Floridamtb's inaugural race went and all the other fun things that are still happening across NICA in our latest NICA News (Link in Profile!) Together - we are strong as a community!
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Photo: @puttcamp / @pamtbrace

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FUN is one of NICA's values where we want to inspire friendship, joy and adventure. The @norcalleague's @sfcomp sure knows how to have fun -- last year for a disco-themed race they changed their name to San FranDISCO Composite and had a real-life disco-ball cheering everyone on!
#morekidsonbikes #moregirlsonbikes #FUN #sanfrandisco #ridebikeshavefun

Show us how your team has fun and inspires friendship, joy and adventure!

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Tune in March 31 to @digitalworldbike for the cycling world's first ever digital conference! Complete with awesome speakers from Jens Voigt to NICA Past President Austin McInerny, the conference includes exhibition halls for product and brand showcases, live chats and roundtable discussions. Visit: to check it out today!

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There are definitely #moregirlsonbikes in @texasmtb! #TBT to a packed GRiT ride before Texas's Rocky Hill Rampage last season! #morekidsonbikes #aleagueasbigastexas #NICA10

Spring Leagues!! Share your favorite 2019 season memories with us so we can keep the FUN and community spirit going even though we're not racing right now to keep everyone safe! Email or just tag us!

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Do you have moves that rival @kateplusfate or are you joining @haley.batten in her push-up challenges?? Share your at-home workout with us and @podiumwear for a chance to win some socks!! #Repost @podiumwear ・・・
Are you a National Interscholastic Cycling Association athlete trying to do your part and save lives by staying home? We want to reward you for your hard efforts!

If you're a NICA Athlete or Coach, please post up a photo or video of how you're staying fit at home and tag us! We'll enter all the names into a random picker at the end of the week (Sunday, March 29th) and send a free pair of socks to the lucky winner!

You can tag us here on Instagram or Facebook to enter.
Happy training, y'all!

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