Webinar Series

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NICA is excited to offer the following free webinars to develop coaching skills and knowledge, share strategies, and build community. All webinars provide 1.5 Continuing Education Units. While new coaches and volunteers are encouraged to participate, these webinars are not intended to be a substitute for attending a Leaders’ Summit, which are held annually by each League.

To register, fill out the form below and we will send you a webinar invite via email the day of the webinar.  Please register by 9AM PST the day of the webinar in order to receive the invite. We can only host up to 25 people on each webinar.  Register early, as they often fill up. 

Strength Training Considerations For High School Mountain Bike Athletes

Thursday, December 4th, 2014 @ 5:00pm PST

Presenter: Dee Tidwell – Enduro MTB Training

In this inaugural presentation by Dee Tidwell of Enduro MTB Training, will discuss three important topics. 
1. Growth and development- Why it matters how old you athlete is and what their background as an athlete has been.
2. Mobility and Stability model- this is one of the most important things you will learn. How the body works and why your mtn bikers are open to injury if the model is not properly followed.
3. Postural considerations- Your athletes are tight, especially the ones going through a growth spurt! These tight areas of the body will create and exacerbate poor posture. It also contributes to the “plague” of the “e-posture” that is prevalent in kids today. Poor posture is a major cause for poor performance and as a coach needs to be a strong point of your coaching.

Registration and the NICA Rule Book 101


Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 @ 5:00pm PST

Presenter: Julia Lawrence, Registration and Coach Licensing, Jorge Montoya, Scoring

This webinar is intended to provide you with an overview of Registration Process in the Pit Zone as well as an Overview of the NICA Rule Book.  This session will walk you through the registration process, focusing on areas that tend to cause the most confusion from registering a team to the last step of getting riders “race ready”.  The session will also orient those who have never attended a high school mountain bike race and give them a sense of what to expect on race day in regards to the race day registration process and scoring for individuals and team.  Please download a copy of the NICA Rule Book.  Have it handy to refer to during the webinar.

Risk Management & Insurance Overview

Tuesday, December 16, 5pm PST

Presenter: Bruce Martens, NICA Coach Licensing and Registration Director

Managing the inherent risk associated with mountain biking and working with juniors is critically important and all coaches must constantly be thinking about how to maximize the safety of their student athletes and volunteers. This session will provide a thorough overview of NICA’ proven risk management strategies as well as an overview of the insurance coverage provided to all licensed coaches, volunteers and student athletes.  This class is required for all coach licenses above General Volunteer.

Coming this January

MTB 201:

So you’ve been coaching a year or two now and feel like you’d like to advance your coaching techniques with some new drills, strength training, and information regarding middle schoolers.

Here is the supplement to your MTB 101, packed full of useful information designed for coaches who have attended the training and implemented the philosophies highlighted through the NICA MTB 101 skills training provided through the Leaders Summits.

A day in the life of a high school mountain bike racer: A Case Study – January, 2015

This description will be a link This webinar will help coaches address all there is to know about preparing a rider to be race ready through the use of a case study. Follow coaches from around the country as they present on topics like recruitment, parental involvement, the first practice, mindfulness, diet, lifestyle choices, logistics, and much more.

Put together and presented by coaches for coaches, this case study will provide insight and information using best-practices.

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