Webinar Series

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NICA is excited to offer the following free webinars to develop coaching skills and knowledge, share strategies, and build community. All webinars provide 1.5 Continuing Education Units. While new coaches and volunteers are encouraged to participate, these webinars are not intended to be a substitute for attending a Leaders’ Summit, which are held annually by each League.

To receive credit for webinars that are pre-recorded, please :

  • email coachlicensing@nationalmtb.org
  • indicate which webinar you attended
  • be sure to include your name
  • include the team you are with
  • provide the email address you use for Pit Zone registration

To register for live presentations, fill out the form below and we will send you a webinar invite via email the day of the webinar.  Please register by 9AM PST the day of the webinar in order to receive the invite. We can only host up to 25 people on each webinar.  Register early, as they often fill up.

Risk Management & Insurance Overview

View Risk Management & Insurance Overview webinar here.

Presenter: Matt Gunnell, So Cal League Director

Managing the inherent risk associated with mountain biking and working with juniors is critically important and all coaches must constantly be thinking about how to maximize the safety of their student athletes and volunteers. This session will provide a thorough overview of NICA’ proven risk management strategies as well as an overview of the insurance coverage provided to all licensed coaches, volunteers and student athletes.  This class is required for all coach licenses above General Volunteer.

NICA Coach Licensing Process

Monday, December 21st, 2016 @ 6 pm PST

Presenter: Bruce Martens, NICA Coach Licensing and Registration Director

The coach licensing process distilled into a 50 minute instructional. If you are interested in becoming a NICA general volunteer, ride leader, assistant or head coach, this webinar is for you! This is a great launching place for folks looking to begin their NICA volunteer and coach certification process, so team managers and current NICA coaches, make sure you send anyone looking to become involved to this webinar.

Race Scoring and the NICA Rule Book


Presenter: Jorge Montoya, Scoring

Please download a copy of the NICA Rule Book.  Have it handy to refer to during the webinar.

Mandatory Reporting

Wednesday, December 16th, @ 7pm PST

Presenter: Michael Ceely, Berkeley High School Team Coach, Nor Cal League

As a licensed NICA coach or volunteer, you are considered a Mandatory Reporter. Currently all 50 states have mandatory child abuse and neglect reporting laws under the “Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act ” (Keeping Children and Families Save Act of 2003 (P.L.108-36). This law mandates “minimum definitions” for child abuse and sexual abuse. Michael presents on how you, as a NICA licensed coach, ride leader, and/or volunteer working with NICA student-athletes, can abide by the Standards for Mandatory Reporting in the case of observed or suspected child abuse, involving children under the age of 18.

Registration and Navigating the Pit Zone


Presenter: Julia Lawrence, Rider Registration Director

This webinar is intended to provide you with an overview of Registration Process in the Pit Zone.  This session will walk you through the registration process, focusing on areas that tend to cause the most confusion from registering a team to the last step of getting riders “race ready”.  The session will also orient those who have never attended a high school mountain bike race and give them a sense of what to expect on race day in regards to the race day registration process and scoring for individuals and team.


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