Pit Zone FAQs

Team Pit Zone Questions

The League Director must invite a Team to register.  Once an invite is sent the Team Director (the main point of contact for the team) will receive the invite email from the Pit Zone.  Click on the invite via the email and follow the registration process.  A team must complete registration and payment before the application for insurance can be processed (this process is automatic once registration and payment are received).  When a certificate of insurance has been issued, the team is clear to begin team practice.  Click here for more information on Team Training Limits. If you would like to register a team, reach out to the League Director.
The team director will receive an email from the insurance company, confirming their insurance is processed.  At the same time, the Pit Zone will automatically update the Team’s registration status as complete.
This must be done by the League Director.  Contact them and ask them to make the change.  It is important that the contact for the Team Director is accurate as they are the main point of contact between the league and the team.
To make clear in results what teams are composite teams and what teams are school based teams, it is important that team names follow the team name guidelines: Use your official school name completely written out (do not abbreviate), for example write out “New Vista High School.” Do not use words such as “Club, Team, MTB, or Racing.” Composite teams should use their local name plus the word “Composite,” for example “Grand Valley Composite.” These names show up in team result pages. You can make changes to your team name under team properties when you login to the Pit Zone as a Team Director.
According to the NICA Rule Book, Division I teams are teams of 12 or more riders.  Division II teams are teams with 11 or less riders.  For NorCal and Colorado League Divisions, Division I teams have 16 or more riders, and Division II teams have 15 or less riders.  It is important that a team’s division is accurate in the Pit Zone.  Email your League Director if you are uncertain about which division a team should be in.  You choose the team division under team properties.

Coaches’ Pit Zone Questions

The Red Exclamation mark indicates that a coach is missing one of the requirements to confirm their coach license.  If you hover your cursor over the Red Exclamation mark, it will list what items are missing.  Waivers and background checks are now integrated into the registration process.  You will complete both (if required) during registration. Links to all remaining coach license requirements can be found on the NICA Coach License Program page. For any other coaching questions, please email coachlicensing@nationalmtb.org.
As a coach, you do not have the ability to delete riders but you can mark them “inactive”.  Click on the rider under your team, and click in the upper right hand corner “deactivate rider.”  We recommend deactivating riders that are no participating on the team.  If you need someone deleted from your roster, contact registration@nationalmtb.org.

It’s very simple to re-send invite links.  Click on the “Re-invite Riders to the New Season” button at the bottom of your team roster.  This will give you a list of all the riders who were invited, but haven’t completed registration yet.  Select the white box to the left of the rider you want to re-send a link to.  Then hit the blue “Reinvite Parents/Riders” button.  This will re-send an invite link to the email address listed.

Please use this process to re-send invite links to avoid creating duplicate profiles for riders.

Rider Pit Zone Questions

The Pit Zone is an invitation only registration system.  When your coach invites you to register with the team you will receive an invitation email from the NICA Pit Zone.  The invite comes from donotreply@nationalmtborg. If you can not find this email be sure to check your spam folder.  If you did not receive it, check with your coach to make sure they invited you with the correct email address.  

Once you receive your invite, click on the invitation link, follow the registration process, filling in all information.  Make sure to sign the electronic waivers and pay your registration fees.  You will not be Practice Ready until your waivers are signed and your  NICA, and league fees are paid.

To login to the Pit Zone you must use the email address your coach used to invite you to the Pit Zone.  Once you start the registration process, you can switch the login email if you’d like.  If you are a parent (or coach) and are trying to login for your son/daughter, you should now be able to login to the Family Dashboard with the parent (or coach) email address.  If you forgot your password, click on the forgot password link.
You can edit your personal information at any time in the NICA Pit Zone.  To do this, log into your Family Dashboard with your user name and password and select the profile you would like to edit. Click the edit button in the upper right hand corner and make your changes.  Be sure to save your changes by clicking the update button at the bottom of the page.
Categories are based on a rider’s grade and last year’s results.  For first year leagues or for riders racing for their first year, categories are as follows:

Middle School = Middle School

Freshman = Freshman

Sophomore = Sophomore

Junior or Varsity = JV

A petition must be submitted if a rider would like to race in the Varsity Category. Click here for a link to the petition form.

For any rider racing who has raced at least one season with the league, their category is based on their grade and previous year’s results. Each rider must check the Category Placement Table to see which category they should select.  Click here for the Category Placement Table. Here you will also find information on Petitions and how Categories are selected.

If your school or area does not have a team (i.e. there are no high school teams or composite teams nearby that you can race with) you can race as an Independent Rider.  Contact your League Director to register as an Independent.
Practice Ready means you have 1. Completed your registration information in the Pit Zone. 2. Paid your NICA and league fee. 3. Signed your electronic waivers.  You know you are Practice Ready if when you login to the Pit Zone you don’t see any messages about waivers or paying your NICA and/or league fee.  You will also see under your “Rider Information” on the left hand side a note: Practice Ready: YES.
Check with your bank statements.  If you can identify the additional charge, please send this documentation and comments to registration@nationalmtb.org (remember to indicate to your league, team, and name).
It depends on the League, but generally the Sunday at Midnight before the Race Weekend – seven days before the next race.

Pit Zone now allows a parent to use a single login to manage multiple rider and coach registrations/profiles. A rider’s season registration must now be completed by a parent.

A coach will invite riders to register using their parent email address (if the parent is also a coach use the email address associated with the coach profile to initiate the Family Dashboard). Once the parent receives the email invite they can login and complete the registration process for each child who has been invited to join a team.

Setting up a Family Dashboard – Returning Riders

Setting up a Family Dashboard – New Riders

Returning riders will be prompted to the Set-Up Parent Login when they sign in for the season. Click the Set-Up Parent login button and follow the prompts.