NICA Bid Process

NICA was founded in 2009 with the vision of allowing every American teenager to strengthen their mind, body and character through the sport of competitive high school cross-country mountain biking. NICA works with local league directors across the country to promote and support year round high school mountain bike programs. Each league hosts skills camps, coach trainings, fundraisers and a racing series for high school student-athletes.

Each year, NICA holds a competitive review process to review bids from interested parties to determine where and with whom to collaborate on new leagues for the following year. The NICA bid process has rigorous requirements where league founders are expected to participate in bid process conference call webinars, submit preliminary information, and attend at least one NICA event. In 2015, NICA expects the process to be more competitive than ever, as many have expressed interested in submitting a bid. While NICA has been working to increase its capacity to build new leagues, there is no guarantee as to how many new leagues may be accepted.

Due to the generosity of NICA sponsors and donors, NICA Booster Fund Grants are available for new league development. These grants supplement local fundraising efforts towards creating sustainable high school mountain bike programs across the country. New leagues typically start as a “project” of NICA, operating under NICA’s guidance and oversight on finances, program quality and risk management. As the leagues become more established they gain more autonomy, eventually incorporating as NICA “Chapter or Affiliate” leagues, typically in 2–3 years. However, depending on the resources available to the bid applicant, NICA’s oversight may be reduced allowing the new league more autonomy and flexibility.

Where to begin?

Starting a new high school mountain bike league is no small undertaking, but NICA is here to help. NICA has a number of resources available to individuals and organizations looking to submit a bid. We encourage you to start by registering and attending the first informational webinar (schedule below).

Pre-Bid Information Webinar Schedule

NICA will be hosting several information webinars to help guide potential league founders through the process of assembling and submitting their bid. Anyone considering submitting a bid is strongly encouraged to join these calls. Below is the webinar schedule and a general topic for each date. All times listed are Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Bid Proposal Timeline

Webinar 1, General Info about NICA Leagues & Bid Process, March 4, 5PM PST.
Webinar 2, What is NICA-League Relationship & League Director Requirements, March 18th, 5PM PST
Webinar 3, Establishing a Founding League Board & Securing Race Venues, April 1st, 5PM PST
Webinar 4, Questions about Requirements for Finalizing Bid, April 15th, 5PM PST
May 1st Bid proposals due.

Register here.