Field Work

License field work requirements:

Head Coach Asst. Coach Ride Leader
80 hours 40 hours 20 hours

Working directly with youth is the best way to learn and implement best practices learned through NICA Professional Development.  To this end, the NICA Coaches Licensing program requires coaches looking to obtain a Ride Leader, Assistant Coach or Head Coach License to track hours worked with high school mountain bike athletes.

Individuals working towards a Ride Leader License or Assistance Coach License will need to have their Field Work log signed off by their team’s NICA licensed Head Coach.

Those individuals working towards the Head Coach License should seek the help and advice of a local NICA Licensed Head Coach.  Not only is a NICA Licensed Head Coach required to sign off on Field Work logs, but these veteran coaches also hold a vast wealth of experience in coaching student athletes on the trail. Head Coaches are also required to get two team parents to sign off on their Field Work logs.

Individuals looking for a local coach to sign off on their Field Work Hours should contact their local League Director.

What Counts as Field Work?

Field Work is any time spent in contact with NICA student athletes in a mountain bike team setting.  This can be time spent leading team rides or even skills clinics. Leading team meetings also builds valuable leadership experience.  Time spent at races supporting NICA athletes would count as well.

If you have additional questions about what counts as Field Work, contact your local League or an experienced Head Coach in your area.

Self report your field work to your coach license in the NICA Pit Zone.