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For donors $500+

NICA Booster Club donations fund the following:

  •    Need-based student-athlete, coach, team, and league stipends and grants
  •    Launching new regional leagues
  •    National partnerships and advocacy, including People for Bikes, IMBA, and TrueSport
  •    National alumni and community network
  •    National awards ceremony and recognition

To support interscholastic cycling at the regional league level, please go here.”



Individual Members

Corporate Members

    • Individual Booster Club members believe in NICA’s mission and want to see the interscholastic cycling movement grow around the country. Through their contributions, they enable more teens each year to develop strong body, mind, and character.
    • Booster Club membership benefits include:
      • Subscription to the NICA Inner Circle quarterly newsletter, providing exclusive organizational updates
      • Thank you gift according to donation level
      • Recognition on the website
      • Exclusive Booster Club edition NICA decal
    • Corporate Booster Club members are brands that support NICA’s mission and vision, and invest in an active and healthy future for teens across the U.S. We thank our Corporate Booster Club members, and encourage involvement on both the national and local level.
    • Booster Club membership benefits include:
      • Subscription to the NICA Inner Circle quarterly newsletter, providing exclusive organizational updates
      • Rights to use the NICA logo on their websites, as an “Official Supporter”
      • Recognition on the website, with hyperlinked name and interactive map
      • Exclusive Booster Club edition NICA decal
Bronze: $20 Silver: $50 Gold: $250 Platinum: $500

Trailblazer Supporter: $1,000


Platinum: $5,000 Gold: $2,500 Silver: $1,000 Bronze: $500


Updated 11/6/15

Core Supporters

Corporate Members

Platinum ($5,000+)

Quality Bicycle Products

Gold ($2,500-$4,999)

Stan’s No Tubes

Silver ($1,000-$2,499)

Tri-Active Endurance
401 Manufacturing
Paragon Machine Works

Epic Rides

Bronze ($500-$900)

Marin Bikes

Platinum ($500-$999)

Alex and Jennifer Osborne
Brian Vaughan
Don Winkle
Julia and Ted Lawrence
Noreen and Stewart Irving
 Patricia Stone and Chip Koch
Rick Spittler
Tom Frazer
Trevor Thorpe

Gold ($250-$499)

Amy Mezey Katherine Galarza
Ashley Korenblat Maggie and Tom Courtney
Austin McInerny and Celeste McCartney Maurice Tierney
Brian Popplewell Mike Cooke
Dave Edwards Mike Long
David Madson Richard Ivry
Donna Norstad Richard Tauer
Eric and Mary Hallstead Robert Aichele and Serap Gunduz
George and Margaret Garibay Roy and Janet Tiarks
James Peters Scot Nicol
Jennifer McLaughlin Tal Johnson
Jonathan Kaye Thomas and Susan Newmeyer Family Trust
Justin Patch

Silver ($50-$249)

Brendan Dolan JR Tapper
Casey Adams Justin Leighton
Catharine Pendrel Kathryn Aaker
Christina Toms Lane Smith
Daryl Price Lawrence Poree and Linda Wolbers
David Reed Lili Cook
Deena Lynn McKelvey Lisa Doran
Dino and Barbara Ciarlo Marissa Remy Hitt
Elizabeth Norris Mary Selkirk and Lee Balance
Eric Richter Melissa and Eric Pfeiffer
Fred Ackerman Michael Hernandez
Gary Rogers Morgan Fletcher and Lauren Haughey
Geoffrey Halaburt Ned Overend
Gillian Rouge Patrice Christensen
Greg Reierson Robert Wenig
Heather Clague Scott Steinwert
Ian Dewar Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Jacob Seigel-Boettner Steve Mohebi
Jacqueline Mardell Suzanne and Michael Bernadett
Jeff Lindenthal and Melissa Smedley Tom and Susan MacAusland
Jim and Cathy Haagen-Smit Tracy Smith
Jody Lyon Tyler Dibble
John Vipiana Walt and Leslie Lee
Josh Friendshuh

Bronze ($10-$49)

Ann Marie Potter
Bradley Tomlinson
Brynne Davies
Chris Klibowitz
Chris Spencer
David Coar
Donn Kellogg
Eric Boudreau
James Montgomery
John D Tillson
Julia McCunn
Kyle Jordan
Michael Barnidge
Neil Wechsler
Patrick Collins
Philippe Henri
Richard Grenda
Robert Mardell
Scott Hurst

corporate individual


NICA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible.If you prefer to send a check, please fill out this form and forward to the address below.  Booster Club Membership expires 12 months from donation date. NICA ATTN: Booster Club 2414 6th Street Berkeley, CA 94710  $75 Booster Club T-Shirt + Sticker / $175 Booster Club Jersey + Sticker / $300 Booster Club Jersey + Short + Sticker.