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Donations to NICA help strengthen and expand the interscholastic cycling movement, both by adding new state leagues and supporting existing leagues. 


To support interscholastic cycling at the league level, please go here




Individual Members

Corporate Donors

    • Individual Booster Club members believe in NICA’s mission and want to see the interscholastic cycling movement grow around the country. Through their contributions, they enable more teens each year to develop strong body, mind, and character.
    • Booster Club membership benefits include:
      • Subscription to the NICA Inner Circle quarterly newsletter, providing exclusive organizational updates
      • Thank you gift according to donation level
      • Recognition on the website
    • Corporate Donors are brands that support NICA’s mission and vision, and invest in an active and healthy future for teens across the U.S. We thank our Corporate Donors, and encourage involvement on both the national and local level.
    • Donation benefits include:
      • Subscription to the NICA Inner Circle quarterly newsletter, providing exclusive organizational updates
      • Rights to use the NICA logo on their websites, as an “Official Supporter”
      • Recognition on the website, with hyperlinked name and interactive map
Bronze: $10 Silver: $50 Gold: $250 Platinum: $500

Trailblazer Supporter: $1,000


Platinum: $5,000 Gold: $2,500 Silver: $1,000 Bronze: $500

Corporate Donors

Platinum ($5,000+)

Quality Bicycle Products

Gold ($2,500-$4,999)

Silver ($1,000-$2,499)

401 Manufacturing
Epic Rides
Paragon Machine Works
Stan’s No Tubes
Tri-Active Endurance

Bronze ($500-$900)

Marin Bikes
Marsh & McLennan Agency
Park Tool
Today’s Plan
Velo Veneto

Updated 4/14/16

NICA Supporters

Trailblazer ($1,000+)

Matt Keon
J Allard
Joe and Connie Breeze
Greg Dalton
Andre Foster
Dan McKay
Jerry Pomije
Roger Russell
Kayla Skidmore
Mark and Catherine Slavonia
Jasen Thorpe
Mary Wirganowicz

Platinum ($500-$999)

Lucian Hand
Julia and Ted Lawrence
Timothy and Amy Louis
Colleen Wanty and Steve Ouzounian
Ken Jones and Rebecca Ratcliff
Rick Spittler
Trevor Thorpe
Don Winkle
Thomas Zirbes

Gold ($250-$499)

Sean Co
Mike Cooke
David and Tina-Lise Curtis
Dave Edwards
Eric and Mary Hallstead
Richard Ivry
Tal Johnson
Ashley Korenblat
Justin Leighton
Mike Long
David Madson
Amy Mezey
Donna Norstad
Peter Perreault

Silver ($50-$249)

Robert Acker Bendon Livermore
Casey Adams Bobbi and Devin Lounds
Greg Merritt and Kirsten Anderson Adam Marriott
Mike Carl Anderson Austin McInerny and Celeste McCartney
Kim Arca Mike Miller
Al and Cheri Baumann Steve Mohebi
Scott Bell Andrew Moon
Suzanne and Michael Bernadett Greg and Kristin Morrow
Gaston Bonorino Ryan Naylor
Tom Boss John and Brenda Wilcox Newcomb
Jarred Cassady Ned Overend
Christopher Castor Robert Parks
Rodger Champion Robert Peel
Brian Chase Catharine Pendrel
Richard Chin Yenis Francisco Perez
Dino and Barbara Ciarlo Adrian Person
Heather Clague Mike Pratt
Kate Courtney Daryl Price
Joel Dank David Reed
Ed Defty Jesse Reesor
William J Denter, III Felix Riesenberg
Lisa Doran Andrew and Heather Rizzi
James E Estelle, Jr Tracy Romzek
Hannah Euser Patrick San Marco
Natalie Ferrill Dylan Schaiterer
Joseph and Leslie Floren Ronald Schmid
Silicon Valley Community Foundation Jeff Lindenthal and Melissa Smedley
Jon Fritzinger Lane Smith
Todd Gilbert Joshua Snipes
Jim and Cathy Haagen-Smit Eugene Sorenson
Andrew Haglund William H Stephens
Brad Jackson Mike Van Allen
Mark Kennedy Clarke Warren
Jerry Khat Thomas Welge
Evan Koch Robert Wenig
Thomas E Kottke Brian J Wenzel
Leo Labelle, jr Lawrence Poree and Linda Wolbers
Peggy Sue Lansing Kenneth E Wolfgang
Walt and Leslie Lee Kurt Wolfgang
Robert H Lightfoot

Bronze ($10-$49)

Deborah Anderson Ethan Davis Jones
Jacob Arthur Anderson Bob Kaster
Zach Anderson Robert Kearney
David Ashe Brandy Kilkenny
Phil Beard Daniel Kim
Patrick Benko John Kinnee
Jay Berg Chris Klibowitz
Kelley Bern Nate Kuder
Nolan Blackhurst Christine Kysely
Jonathan Bond Dan LaRiviere
Robert Micah Bouloy Wesley Dean Lane
Scott Boutang Harrison Lanford
Daniel Boyes Daniel Maldoff
Peter Brancato III Charlie Martin
Cody Breuninger Bryan McCann
Benjamin Brewer Rachel McDevitt
Michael Bryand Lloyd Wayne McFarlin
Paul E Burslem Heath McLaughen
Matt Canale Kirt Mills
Kenny Cash James Montgomery
Anders Chippindale Matthew Mueller
Mark Chu Wey Len Nguyen
David Clark Gene Oh
Jason Cleghorn Catherine Owensby
Jonathan Collins Freddy Paulsen
Steven Cook Tad Percival
John Cordell Albert Perral
Jako L Crawford Myles Peterson
Adam Curington Samuel Patrick Phelps
Brynne Davies Ricky Pimentel
Keri Day Dylan Adam Porteous
Devin DeVore Ann Marie Potter
James Deeke Lloyd Ranola
Zack Delpier Erik Rippon
Dan Dickinson Eric Rivera
Brett Donaldson Jake Roberts
Dallas Doty Andrew Robinson
Daniel Drago John Rodriguez
Suzanna Dupee Zach Rogers
Justin Eagleton Tyler W Romestan
Samuel Ellis Jeff W Schaeffer
Jan Christian Ferrer William Scheel
John Forester David Schulman
Jonathan Fortin Jessica Segers
Matthew Foster Mark Sherrard
Erik Garcia Alex G Smith
Brian Gargus Anne Spencer
Steve B Garrett Chris Spencer
Nicholas Gill Matt Stanton
Guthrie Gillings Randy Stratton
Alejandro Gonzalez Lewis Strauss
Joseph Robert Gratcofsky Alex Strickland
Gregory C Gray Jared Stritsman
William Gray Hiroshi Suda
Cliff Grizzard Michael Sullivan
Chengxu Guan Dave Swan
John Tyler Haidaris Michael Szwaya
Jorgen Hamann Bradley J Thomas
Jeremy Hanley John D Tillson
Michael Harri Matthew Van Damme
Brian Healy Nathan Walker
Chris Hedrick Mike Waltman
Eric Ho Brian Warner
Neal Howland Jeremy Watkins
Scott Hurst Geoffrey Welch
Michael Jon Jaquish Dan Welker
Gregory A Jay Marvin Wentzel
Chris Jellinick William and Tanya Wolfe
Oved Jimenez Melissa Renee Wonders
Alexandre Jobin-Gauthier Daniel Lee Wright
Blake Johnson Trevor Wunn
Erik Johnson

corporate individual


NICA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible.If you prefer to send a check, please fill out this form and forward to the address below.  Booster Club Membership expires 12 months from donation date. NICA ATTN: Booster Club 2414 6th Street Berkeley, CA 94710  $75 Booster Club T-Shirt + Sticker / $175 Booster Club Jersey + Sticker / $300 Booster Club Jersey + Short + Sticker.