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Want to Stoke Dad Out on Father’s Day? Get Hans Rey’s Book!

We’re excited to announce that during the months of June and July, Hans Rey will donate all proceeds from his book sales to the NICA Booster Club. Hans recently participated in a forthcoming NICA/IMBA trail advocacy video and is inspired by the interscholastic cycling movement. His 224-page, full-color coffee table book retails for $29.95 + […]

NICA College partners offer essay scholarship!

NICA is please to announce that our College partners are offering a $500 scholarship to a female and male student  each Spring and Fall season. We thank Lees-McRae, Fort Lewis and Prescott  colleges for their partnership and for this opportunity.  If you are a student that just completed your Spring racing season*, you are heading […]

We built that

Spotlight: Casa Grande HS Mountain Bike Team + Subaru / IMBA Trail Crew We built that It all started with the vision of four young men: Nick Tribble, Josh Marical, Emmett Schrader and Dave Schyberg of the Casa Grande High School Mountain Bike Team. As part of the Norcal League, these four had the desire […]

Alumni: Chris interview of Nate Granados

As NICA has grown, so has its base of student-athlete alumni. Today, thousands of NICA alumni can be found taking on all sorts of life challenges across the country and the globe — all while remaining lifelong cyclists. As an alumnus myself, I enjoy connecting with other folks who mountain biked as a high school […]

2015 NICA Conference hosts league leaders from around the country

In the quiet setting of the Carmel Valley, 37 leaders (representing 15 of the 19 NICA leagues) met to  spend time together, engage in collaborative work sessions, converse, plan the future, and enjoy meals, rides and hikes together. Topics included long-term sustainability of leagues and NICA, coach licensing, risk management, board development, sponsorship, fundraising and […]

Executive Director’s Note – June 2015

My recent trip to the California High School Mountain Bike Championships has left me awestruck. NICA League Directors like Matt (SoCal) and Vanessa (NorCal) shown here are tireless in their efforts to get more kids on bike and it is working! The excitement and energy behind the growth of interscholastic cycling continues to grow and […]

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2015 NICA Awards, Nominations Due November 15

Do you know someone that has made an impact on high school mountain biking and deserves to be recognized at the 2015 NICA Awards? Nominate them today! Just fill out this brief questionnaire extolling the virtues of their greatness! You can view last year’s awards recipients by visiting the awards page. Please be as descriptive as […]

Executive Director’s Note – May 2015

Salinas Cowboys’ student-athlete K.C. Fontes, winner of the 2014 GU Extraordinary Courage Award, shown hammering away with one leg during a recent race. With spring league racing in full swing in California, Texas, New York and Alabama this past month and our fall league holding coach training, we have been very busy! In addition to […]

NorCal League Rider has Full Sponsorship!

NICA Alumni, Coach, Senior Program Manager and Author of Segment, Chris Spencer This isn’t the first time a student-athlete has received a full sponsorship. This season, high school freshmen Steven Federico is receiving some impressive benefits! “Bike, travel, room & board, food, incidentals, clothing, special dinners and an entertainment stipend are all paid for by […]

Good Otter

Once again, families, coaches and staff traveled from all corners of NICA for an unforgettable festival. Here’s the top five NICA highlights from the Otter’s 25th Anniversary: 1) NICA student-athletes were fastest in Cat 1, Cat 2 and Cat 3 categories! Historically, the 19-34 age categories have been the fastest in Cross-Country racing. At the […]

Want to help NICA Get More Kids Riding?

May marks the deadline for new league bids and we’re thrilled to announce that several have already arrived. In order to continue growing the interscholastic cycling movement at the national level, we’re going to need your help! Thanks for your continued help getting #morekidsonbikes! NICA Leagues and Teams in NY, WI, UT and CA have […]

Sign Up for the National Bike Challenge

 NICA invites you to join the National Bike Challenge! PeopleForBikes has partnered with Kimberly-Clark to grow this year’s National Bike Challenge—a free, 5-month long bicycling competition where participants record miles to win cool prizes.  The Challenge runs from May 1st until September 30th with chances to win every month, including a monthly bike giveaway. The goal for 2015 […]

April Shines with NICA Programs Bustling Across the Country

April was a busy month for NICA and NICA league programs across the country.  Cow bells were rung loud and proud for student-athletes in all 5 Spring Leagues (NorCal, SoCal, Texas, New York and newest to the fun, Alabama.)  Enthusiastic Fall coaches attended Leaders’ Summits in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Virginia, Colorado and also new to NICA, […]

Training Peaks Partnership

NICA has partnered with TrainingPeaks to help you coach your athletes effectively and efficiently. Build workout libraries, create group plans, and provide immediate feedback all in one place. Use the powerful charts and graphs to provide in-depth analysis of HR and GPS data, see long term fitness trends and manage fitness and fatigue over the […]

National Coach and License Manager Note – May

After a whirlwind tour attending five Leaders’ Summits this spring, I can say with a significant level of credibility that NICA is not only here to say, but growing in Georgia, Arizona, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, Utah, Colorado, not to mention the spring leagues! Tennessee has yet to check in, as their Leader’ Summit is scheduled […]

Avoid early season injuries

Your practice schedule should progress in difficulty throughout the season, even with returning experienced riders.  Calibrate your judgement, and remind all team members (coaches too)  to do the same.  We recommend communication to the effect of “you may not be able to do what you think you can and your body may not respond as […]

NICA Coach License Requirements

Background checks ensure we aren’t putting our athletes in situations with potentially dangerous or irresponsible coaches, ride leaders, and volunteers. Registering in Pit Zone ensures that we are aware of who is working with which teams and provides for insurance coverage. Waivers affirm that people understand the inherent risk of riding mountain bikes and assume […]

Learn how to “Block the Blaze”

Consider joining John Wayne Cancer Foundation “ Block the Blaze” Training Webinar to learn how to protect yourself and your family. April 13th, 5:00. One blistering sunburn doubles a child’s chances of developing malignant melanoma later in life. Please join us for a 30 minute training webinar on April 13th, 5:00PM PST about sun safety […]

One-of-a-kind “Tour of California” Experience Provided by Cannondale!

2015 Tour of California Stage VIP Cannondale Street Team Pass could be yours!  Here’s your chance to help get more kids on bikes while enjoying a one-of-a-kind experience at the opening stage of this year’s Tour of California, all from the finish line!  Cannondale has been a strong supporter of NICA since 2013 and, this […]

YES! Kinetic has an App for that!

Kinetic tents across Spring Leagues are filled with athletes taking advantage of the race warm-up zone. Not only does Kinetic sponsor NICA and provide leagues with this amazing benefit, they also contribute to the NICA coach manual.  We understand they also have a pretty cool training tool, the Kinetic inRide app!   Thank you, Kinetic, […]

Connect with NICA at Sea Otter!

We have an opportunity for you! Join NICA at Sea Otter at the Alumni NICA meet-up, get fueled by the Camelbak Community Coffee and Cocoa, treat yourself to the NICA Dream Team Contest Awards and Ice Cream Party and even more, consider volunteering as a NICA Ambassador.  Meet-up for NICA Alumni! We’re interested in connecting […]

Alabama Joins Spring Leagues with Inaugural Race!

209 excited middle and high school student-athletes flanked by enthusiastic parents, coaches and spectators participated in a stellar inaugural race on March 15th at Tannehill State Park as Alabama, NICA’s newest league, commenced its groundbreaking season!  Volunteers, core staff and trainers from the national team (Georgia, Arizona, Utah and national staff) came together for the weekend […]

Announcing NICA team fundraiser! NICA stem caps are rad AND easy to sell!

Stem caps are available for sale through teams. 100% of proceeds help get more kids on bikes. Each stem cap generates $10 for your team, $5 for your league, and $5 for NICA (to launch more leagues and give scholarships.)  Teams may order as many as they want to sell and can return unsold caps […]

Exciting Partnership with People for Bikes

NICA is pleased to announce a new partnership with People for Bikes. We encourage all NICA members to join People for Bikes by simply filling out the “I’m for Bikes” form and in turn, be a part of their mission to connect millions of bikers and be one united voice for cycling advocacy. People for […]