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Share the Ride: 2015 Campaign

The Clif Family Foundation has generously agreed to match league and NICA Booster Club donations, up to $50,000, between September 14th and November 15th. For the first time in NICA’s history, you can help support the national interscholastic cycling movement while supporting your local league. If you donate to a league, 100% of your support […]

At the Booth

Spin Me! NICA is holding its first ever Spin the Wheel fundraiser (yup–it’s a bike wheel), so stop by the booth and give it a whirl!  Winners will get cool prizes donated by our rad sponsors and partners: CamelBak, PeopleForBikes, DeFeet, Optic Nerve, AES, Feedback, Primal, ONE, SRAM, and IMBA And the New Leagues Are… […]

Katherine Williams, Tennessee League Director, 3 years

“Knowing we are part of a larger movement is very inspiring. NICA has raised the bar on local bike racing. When kids do a NICA race, they know it’s a top-quality event. In Tennessee we uphold those high standards and make the kids feel special no matter if they are beginners or national championship riders.” […]

The Mariposa Challenge

Add up your summer mountain bike adventures and everyone wins Test yourself this August in The Mariposa Challenge, a month-long, digital, mountain bike event for women. Log your daily riding adventures on MapMyRide and measure yourself against other riders in your area and across the USA. It is free to enter and the first 50 […]

Dan Brooks, Georgia League Director, 2 years

“I’ve been inspired by knowing that we are changing the face of cycling. We are getting kids back onto their bikes, keeping them on their bikes and creating lifelong cyclists. This benefits not just those kids and their families, but the cycling industry, our communities, our state and humanity as a whole. The world is […]

Don Edberg, Wisconsin League Co-Director, 2 years

“Wisconsin is proud to be a part of NICA. I am inspired by Seeing the fun the kids are having and watching them develop as individuals and mountain bike racers.” What lead you into this position? Work in other mountain bike events and work with a high school mountain bike club. What is your favorite […]

Mike Kuhn, Pennsylvania League Director, Inaugural year

“The system has been tested and the vision is clear. There is a ton to do to get the kids out, but working with NICA offers a foundation for the PA Interscholastic League at the very start of the effort. Rather than being on our own, we can learn from every other league and utilize […]

Josh Kleve, Minnesota League Director 2 years

“Without a doubt, seeing the personal development of each of our student athletes is my favorite thing. Our riders span from national cycling champions to first-time athletes. Each of them has goals and there is nothing more satisfying than playing a small part in helping them reach those goal. I can’t find a way to […]

Kate Rau, Colorado League Director 6 years

“ I have the distinct honor of witnessing a wide array of positive transformations that occur whether it is a timid, shy student-athlete ignited by the positive encouragement and inspiration of their team; a once tentative Coach evolve into a respected leader; an avid volunteer innovate; a community embrace the mission with zeal; or a […]

Kathy Mock, Wisconsin League Co-Director 2 years

“My favorite thing about this position is  watching kids who have never felt comfy in a sport become confident riders and racers. Also, watching the mix of kids socialize and hangout without their cell phones in hand! This has been the most fulfilling position I’ve ever taken on!” What lead you into this position? I had […]

Lori Harward Utah, League Director entering 4th season

“Our coaches and student athletes inspire me. Their character and service and spirit inspire me continually.   Before we started NICA here, there had been several people or organizations that had tried to get more juniors riding and nothing ever came of it. Instead of 10 teenagers racing, there are 1500 now.” What lead you […]

Want to Stoke Dad Out on Father’s Day? Get Hans Rey’s Book!

We’re excited to announce that during the months of June and July, Hans Rey will donate all proceeds from his book sales to the NICA Booster Club. Hans recently participated in a forthcoming NICA/IMBA trail advocacy video and is inspired by the interscholastic cycling movement. His 224-page, full-color coffee table book retails for $29.95 + […]

NICA College partners offer essay scholarship!

NICA is please to announce that our College partners are offering a $500 scholarship to a female and male student  each Spring and Fall season. We thank Lees-McRae, Fort Lewis and Prescott  colleges for their partnership and for this opportunity.  If you are a student that just completed your Spring racing season*, you are heading […]

We built that

Spotlight: Casa Grande HS Mountain Bike Team + Subaru / IMBA Trail Crew We built that It all started with the vision of four young men: Nick Tribble, Josh Marical, Emmett Schrader and Dave Schyberg of the Casa Grande High School Mountain Bike Team. As part of the Norcal League, these four had the desire […]

Alumni: Chris interview of Nate Granados

As NICA has grown, so has its base of student-athlete alumni. Today, thousands of NICA alumni can be found taking on all sorts of life challenges across the country and the globe — all while remaining lifelong cyclists. As an alumnus myself, I enjoy connecting with other folks who mountain biked as a high school […]

2015 NICA Conference hosts league leaders from around the country

In the quiet setting of the Carmel Valley, 37 leaders (representing 15 of the 19 NICA leagues) met to  spend time together, engage in collaborative work sessions, converse, plan the future, and enjoy meals, rides and hikes together. Topics included long-term sustainability of leagues and NICA, coach licensing, risk management, board development, sponsorship, fundraising and […]

Executive Director’s Note – June 2015

My recent trip to the California High School Mountain Bike Championships has left me awestruck. NICA League Directors like Matt (SoCal) and Vanessa (NorCal) shown here are tireless in their efforts to get more kids on bike and it is working! The excitement and energy behind the growth of interscholastic cycling continues to grow and […]

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2015 NICA Awards, Nominations Due November 1

Do you know someone that has made an impact on high school mountain biking and deserves to be recognized at the 2015 NICA Awards? Nominate them today! Just fill out this brief questionnaire extolling the virtues of their greatness! You can view last year’s awards recipients by visiting the awards page. Please be as descriptive as […]

Executive Director’s Note – May 2015

Salinas Cowboys’ student-athlete K.C. Fontes, winner of the 2014 GU Extraordinary Courage Award, shown hammering away with one leg during a recent race. With spring league racing in full swing in California, Texas, New York and Alabama this past month and our fall league holding coach training, we have been very busy! In addition to […]

NorCal League Rider has Full Sponsorship!

NICA Alumni, Coach, Senior Program Manager and Author of Segment, Chris Spencer This isn’t the first time a student-athlete has received a full sponsorship. This season, high school freshmen Steven Federico is receiving some impressive benefits! “Bike, travel, room & board, food, incidentals, clothing, special dinners and an entertainment stipend are all paid for by […]

Good Otter

Once again, families, coaches and staff traveled from all corners of NICA for an unforgettable festival. Here’s the top five NICA highlights from the Otter’s 25th Anniversary: 1) NICA student-athletes were fastest in Cat 1, Cat 2 and Cat 3 categories! Historically, the 19-34 age categories have been the fastest in Cross-Country racing. At the […]

Want to help NICA Get More Kids Riding?

May marks the deadline for new league bids and we’re thrilled to announce that several have already arrived. In order to continue growing the interscholastic cycling movement at the national level, we’re going to need your help! Thanks for your continued help getting #morekidsonbikes! NICA Leagues and Teams in NY, WI, UT and CA have […]

Sign Up for the National Bike Challenge

 NICA invites you to join the National Bike Challenge! PeopleForBikes has partnered with Kimberly-Clark to grow this year’s National Bike Challenge—a free, 5-month long bicycling competition where participants record miles to win cool prizes.  The Challenge runs from May 1st until September 30th with chances to win every month, including a monthly bike giveaway. The goal for 2015 […]

April Shines with NICA Programs Bustling Across the Country

April was a busy month for NICA and NICA league programs across the country.  Cow bells were rung loud and proud for student-athletes in all 5 Spring Leagues (NorCal, SoCal, Texas, New York and newest to the fun, Alabama.)  Enthusiastic Fall coaches attended Leaders’ Summits in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Virginia, Colorado and also new to NICA, […]