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NICA Alumni Challenge

Attention NICA Alumni: To encourage you to stay connected with your high school team after graduation, we’ve developed the NICA Alumni Challenge: “During your team’s next season, volunteer with your team for one ride.” By “volunteer,” we mean ride with your team and share your experiences with them about your transition into your post-high school […]

Thanks For Sharing The Ride!

Share the Ride 2015 – $100,000 for youth cycling! Special thanks to everyone who contributed to our Share the Ride campaign this fall, and to the Clif Bar Family Foundation for matching $50,000 of your donations. This support makes cycling possible for youth around the country. To make a year-end donation, please visit our Booster Club […]

NICA’s Year In Review

NICA Awards Two-time World Champion and Olympian Catharine Pendrel joined 185 attendees as the guest of honor for NICA’s Annual Awards Banquet, where 15 individuals from around the country were recognized for their tremendous achievements.   Idaho & Alabama League’s Inaugural Seasons The Alabama Interscholastic Cycling League launched their first season during the spring while […]

NICA alumni challenge

To encourage our Alumni to stay connected with their team after graduation, we have developed the NICA Alumni Challenge: “During your team’s next season, volunteer with your team for one ride.” Both NICA and your local league informed alumni about the challenge back in June with a league-specific Alumni Welcome E-mail. Please re-engage with your […]

Spring league pre-season protocol

Spring League teams and clubs have been authorized to commence limited pre-season team activities since October 15, 2015. Allowable activities must be registered with NICA. Only the following pre-season activities are permitted and must be pre-approved by the league director: Bike checks and bike fit; Mechanical workshops; All-inclusive fun rides; and Skills clinics. Regular training, […]

Fall league off-season protocol

The off-season is defined as periods during the year that do not fall within the applicable pre-season and regular season periods. Organized team rides and races are strictly prohibited during the off-season. The following activities during the off-season will jeopardize a team or club’s eligibility: A league team racing under the school name; Using the […]

Training Limits – November 2015

NICA has strict training limits for NICA League Teams and NICA Indie Clubs. These limits create a supportive environment for our student-athletes, and keeps them safe by reducing their exposure to physical risk and burnout. While NICA is 100% committed to supporting its student-athletes and coaches who suffer injuries, insurance coverage applies only to the […]

Coach & Licensing Manager’s Note – November 2015

Jump for joy NICA Coaches, Ride Leaders, and General Volunteers! NICA Fall Leagues have wrapped up an unprecedented race season, and Spring Leagues are already ramping up in preparation for their race season. Here at the National Office, your NICA National Staff is busy surveying Fall Leagues about successes and areas for improvement, preparing support […]

What an Incredible Impact!

We face many struggles day in and day out; with the National Bike Challenge, PeopleForBikes have found a great way to empower us all to rise above these. Take a look at some of these incredible numbers that resulted from this year’s efforts! Thanks to all of you who contributed; to those of you who missed […]

Check out Little Bellas!

One might think a girls program would be covered in pink, glitter, and tutus, but not the Little Bellas.  A typical day at Little Bellas includes a lot of mud, smiles, singing, and laughter—all while riding mountain bikes. This unique organization started when pro mountain bike sisters, Lea and Sabra Davison, and their friend, Angela […]

Point of View – November 2015

Each month we’ll tell a story from our NICA family that shares the meaningful impact our programs have for all involved. We want to hear your stories! Send us an email at with the subject: “Point of View.” This month’s “point of view” comes from Kathy Green of the New York Interscholastic Cycling League. […]

What’s the Deal with Utah’s Elevate Program?

This season marks a milestone for the Utah League, with a collaboration between the league’s Corner Canyon HS Team and the United Angels Foundation’s iCanShine to offer a mountain bike program for students with special needs. As the popularity of interscholastic mountain biking grows, we are finding that more youth are eager to throw their […]

Meet Pennsylvania League Director, Mike Kuhn

“There is a ton to do to get the kids out, but working with NICA offers a foundation for the PA Interscholastic League at the very start of the effort. Rather than being on our own, we can learn from every other league and utilize an array of great tools; we get a jump start […]

Rebecca Rusch

  The Idaho League has really hit the ground running! With elite athletes leading pre-rides and pro racers interacting directly with student-athletes, the Gem State can look forward to many middle school and high school students rusching to join the interscholastic mountain biking revolution!   The Idaho League State Championship race festivities started on a […]

Executive Director’s Note – October 2015

Every month brings new surprises and accomplishments for those involved in expanding the interscholastic cycling movement, and this past month has been no exception! With the announcement of four new leagues joining NICA, I’m proud to report that we now have the infrastructure in place to serve nearly 60% of the country’s population! Under NICA’s […]

Wild ride at Interbike

NICA’s presence at Interbike (the world’s largest bike industry retailer conference) this year exploded with a larger booth footprint, multiple programs, a four-league press conference announcement, fantastic sponsor networking and fundraising—and, most importantly, winning the Interbike Next Generation Award. The NICA Interbike show began early Wednesday morning at the NICA booth, with Sr. Program Manager, […]

Idaho League is up and riding!

Huge congratulations to the Idaho League for making history by holding their first race on September 12th at the Grand Targhee Resort in Alta, Wyoming. With approximately 190 student-athletes from 15 teams participating, NICA welcomes Idaho’s new coaches, parents, student-athletes, volunteers, supporters and league staff to the NICA Team! Launching a new league is typically […]

Share the Ride: 2015 Campaign

The Clif Family Foundation has generously agreed to match league and NICA Booster Club donations, up to $50,000, between September 14th and November 15th. For the first time in NICA’s history, you can help support the national interscholastic cycling movement while supporting your local league. If you donate to a league, 100% of your support […]

At the Booth

Spin Me! NICA is holding its first ever Spin the Wheel fundraiser (yup–it’s a bike wheel), so stop by the booth and give it a whirl!  Winners will get cool prizes donated by our rad sponsors and partners: CamelBak, PeopleForBikes, DeFeet, Optic Nerve, AES, Feedback, Primal, ONE, SRAM, and IMBA And the New Leagues Are… […]

Katherine Williams, Tennessee League Director, 3 years

“Knowing we are part of a larger movement is very inspiring. NICA has raised the bar on local bike racing. When kids do a NICA race, they know it’s a top-quality event. In Tennessee we uphold those high standards and make the kids feel special no matter if they are beginners or national championship riders.” […]

The Mariposa Challenge

Add up your summer mountain bike adventures and everyone wins Test yourself this August in The Mariposa Challenge, a month-long, digital, mountain bike event for women. Log your daily riding adventures on MapMyRide and measure yourself against other riders in your area and across the USA. It is free to enter and the first 50 […]

Dan Brooks, Georgia League Director, 2 years

“I’ve been inspired by knowing that we are changing the face of cycling. We are getting kids back onto their bikes, keeping them on their bikes and creating lifelong cyclists. This benefits not just those kids and their families, but the cycling industry, our communities, our state and humanity as a whole. The world is […]

Don Edberg, Wisconsin League Co-Director, 2 years

“Wisconsin is proud to be a part of NICA. I am inspired by Seeing the fun the kids are having and watching them develop as individuals and mountain bike racers.” What lead you into this position? Work in other mountain bike events and work with a high school mountain bike club. What is your favorite […]

Mike Kuhn, Pennsylvania League Director, Inaugural year

“The system has been tested and the vision is clear. There is a ton to do to get the kids out, but working with NICA offers a foundation for the PA Interscholastic League at the very start of the effort. Rather than being on our own, we can learn from every other league and utilize […]

Josh Kleve, Minnesota League Director 2 years

“Without a doubt, seeing the personal development of each of our student athletes is my favorite thing. Our riders span from national cycling champions to first-time athletes. Each of them has goals and there is nothing more satisfying than playing a small part in helping them reach those goal. I can’t find a way to […]