League Director Interview


Jason Cairo – NICA NY


Q: How long have you been a League Director?

A: 4 awesome seasons.


Q: What led you into this position?

A: The love for kids on bikes. Plus, my surrounding community needed someone who could bring that excitement to the League.


Q: What is your favorite thing you get to do as a League Director?

A: Walking the Pit Zone and talking with the teams, parents and volunteers on race day.


Q: How has being a League Director changed your life?

A: Being an “LD” has made me more focused on the small details that go into everything. Before, I was a “broad stroke” kind of person, but working on the NICA team – I feel that I’m more concentrated now in all that I do.


Q: What inspires you?

A: I know this is a bit cheesy, but the National Office is one of my biggest inspirations. The dedication that they all show is a feeling I try to channel in everything I do. The kids are another reason I do this, seeing that all the students have a chance to be part of a team. Just by them saying “yes” to joining the NICA NY League – well, it’s one of the coolest feelings to see the joy in a kid’s face.


Q: How has being part of NICA helped you and your region’s efforts to get more kids on bikes?

A: The NICA New York League has helped so many communities realize that the bike community is larger than they thought.   


Q: What is one thing you would like to say to other states about your League?

A: We are small but MIGHTY!!


Q: When my last race of the season is complete…

A: I thank everyone I can for being my support and helping to get more kids on bikes. Then I kiss my wife and thank her for being my favorite volunteer. Don’t tell Aaron Bean that … I say the same thing to him, but no kiss.

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