WANTED: 4,000 people to donate $10! $75,000 REWARD!


NICA has been chosen to receive a $75,000 grant from Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation via their Sports Matter crowd funding platform.  A month ago, Dick’s solicited applications from teams in need of funding or from those seeking funding to start new teams. Most of the applicants wanted to start one new team; NICA wants to start hundreds!

We now have four weeks remaining to raise $43,000. We’re nearly halfway to goal! It’s this easy: for the price of two large lattes ($10) you can make a difference. If 1000 people donate $10, we’ll be $10,000 closer to the goal.

If 4,000 people donate $10 – we’re golden.

It is crunch time. Please visit Sports Matter now and donate as little as $10 or as much as you choose. Every dollar you donate is matched.

If we don’t make our goal, we go home empty handed and everyone’s money is returned. Wouldn’t that be sadder than getting a flat in the middle of an epic ride?

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