Management Team

Austin McInerny, President

In his role as Executive Director of NICA, the governing body that provides leadership and services to local mountain biking leagues across the country, Austin draws on the experiences gained from his five years as head coach of a large cycling team, extensive race course marshaling, as well as more than 30 years of riding. Prior to being named Executive Director in 2012, Austin contributed to the creation of the teaching materials used by NICA to launch new state leagues and played an integral role in creating the organization’s Coaches License Program. With a background in environmental mediation and a master’s degree in regional planning from Cornell University, Austin has also been an effective advocate for the mountain biking community.

Lauren Duensing, VP Programs

Lauren Duensing is passionate about NICA. She manages the program staff in the NICA headquarters, and works closely with League Directors to support NICA programs in 19 Leagues (and growing) across the United States. Lauren is committed to raising the bar of excellence that NICA programs provide for League Directors, Coaches, Student-athletes and parents. She understands the expanding reach of the youth mountain biking movement in the United States and the strategic role NICA continues to play. She comes to NICA as a parent impacted by the NICA story. An avid trail runner and reluctant biker, it was her two children who participated in the NorCal League and taught her to mountain bike. How fun is that? She went on to become an enthusiastic mountain biker, road rider and tri-athlete – all because of the impact of NICA.

Lauren Haughey, VP Finance & Administration

Lauren began her stint at NICA before it actually existed – as part of the NorCal Mountain Bike league staff – and transitioned to Finance Director while helping to launch the National organization in 2009. Prior to joining NICA, Lauren spent 20+ years working in the corporate world – shifting paradigms, thinking outside the box and taking it to the next level, while running it all up the flagpole – only to suffer a midlife crises, resulting in a lifestyle shift towards nonprofit work. When not at work, Lauren volunteers as Board Treasurer of the BTCEB advocacy organization, commutes by bike, enjoys trail running, is pursuing an MBA, and guides her two teenaged kids while their pre-frontal lobe development continues to progress.

Kurt Wolfgang, Development Manager

Kurt joined NICA in January of 2015, and is responsible for development and fundraising activities at the National Office. With a background in bike racing, youth development, and nonprofits, Kurt helped form the San Francisco Composite NICA team in 2013, and remains the head coach today. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah, and has pursued coursework focused on the intersection of physical activity, psychology, and education. When not working at the National Office or coaching, Kurt can be found racing his singlespeed, spending time with his fiance Heather and dog Nubis, or working on their old Mitsubishi van named Martha.

Chris Spencer, Director, Risk Management & Training

Chris is a proud NorCal League Alumni. As a high school Freshman he experienced the adventure of mountain biking as a mechanic then racer on San Francisco’s Roaring Mouse Cycles Team. After some early racing successes, he started working with the Whole Athlete on a performance training program that helped him achieve some NORBA national podiums. While studying at UC Santa Cruz, he coached for a local team and volunteered for league events. Since 2009, he has worked for the NorCal League and then the NICA national office. Chris has had many roles at NICA with his primary contributions being the development and refinement of the risk management and training programs. The focus of his post-high school education has been economics, project management, counseling, program development, and risk management. Chris brings a wide range of experience including work as a bike mechanic, deckhand-engineer on tug boats, aviation and maritime insurance adjustor, comedian, residential advisor, outside salesman, and marketing representative. Chris enjoys many outdoor sports and is STOKED to be a coach on the Berkeley High School Cycling Team.

Bruce Martens, Coach & Licensing Manager

Specializing in Long Term Athlete Development, Bruce has been serving NICA Student-Athletes and Coaches since 2011. His work has enhanced the NICA Coach Licensing and Registration program and provided Leagues the support they need to keep pace with their dynamic growth. In addition to his passion for research on adolescent development and coach competencies Bruce enjoys participating in trail advocacy and stewardship, collaborative engagement with stakeholders, and competing. He is a founding member of the Minnesota High School Cycling League where he and his wife Lisa volunteer and the father of a NICA Student-Athlete.

Julia Lawrence, Registration & Administration Manager

Julia is an outdoor enthusiast and all-around “fun-seeking” mountain biker who came to the NICA team as a current parent and Assistant Coach of San Ramon Valley High School. A stay at home mom for the past 20 years, Julia fills her days with volunteering at the local schools and exploring Las Trampas and Mt Diablo on her mountain bike. She has seen what a positive impact high school mountain biking has had on her own children as well as the students in her community. “Our team emphasizes life skills, and while we love to compete, at the end of the day it is more about our experiences on the bike with our teammates, learning a life-long sport.”

Jorge Montoya, Tech & Media Manager

In his youth, Jorge was a recreational mountain biker who was just as familiar with the pavement as the wind, as he tore up the bike paths of the Bay Area Peninsula. After a long hiatus, he has been inspired by the NICA crew to pick up biking again, and now enjoys the trails and roads around the East Bay. Jorge has nine years of marketing experience, and through the years has focused on information technology, graphic, web and user experience design. Jorge has a BS in Business Administration from San Jose State University, an MA in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University and a Graphic Design certificate from UC Berkeley Extension.

Jehn Mikalacki-Sublett, Finance/Donor Development Coordinator

Jehn became an avid cycler the old fashioned way… by needing transportation. At NICA, she brings her business degree and 12 years of accounting experience to the table, along with a side dish of photography and a registered veterinary technician license. After leaving the role of head technician at a nonprofit animal hospital, Jehn is excited to share her heart and compassion with the NICA team to promote student athletics and mountain biking.

Nargis Solis, Systems Management

Two time Ironman finisher and long time triathlete, Nargis Solis started her athletic endeavors in high school as a runner and then continued into rowing. Never having considered herself as a swimmer, Nargis was encouraged by a friend (also not a swimmer) to register for her first olympic distance triathlon. She learned to swim and completed her first triathlon in 2001; the start of a longtime passion with the sport. Her last athletic achievement was The Tour of the California Alps (aka Death Ride). Having recently coached a small team of charity runners for the 2014 and 2015 Boston Marathons while simultaneously keeping up with her 3-year old daughter, Nargis is passionate about getting kids outside running and cycling. Nargis has a BA in Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley.

Kim Wik, Office Manager & Accounting

Kim has always liked riding bikes but about 8 years ago a chronic running injury got her back on the bike full time. She started riding with a local group to improve on her riding and within a year she started racing in the Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association. Now after 7 years of racing she is still going strong. She is the reigning California State TT Masters 45-49 Champion for the last 5 yrs and has competed in Masters Nationals the last 4 yrs. Kim has found her dream job at NICA. When she isn’t working or riding she likes to spend time baking for the NICA staff (keeping them happy is important) and spending time with family/friends. Life is good and she is enjoying her ride to the fullest!

Tracey Bracco, Accounting Manager

Tracey joins NICA believing that sports can make an incredible difference in a person’s life. After completing seven Ironmans, XTerra and the New York and Boston Marathons, she took time off to raise her two young children and attempt a ball sport, tennis! Ten years later, she has dusted off her mountain bike and is back on the trails, hoping her kids will follow. Tracey has 10 years of non-profit accounting experience. She received her B.A. in Political Science from UCLA and her M.B.A. from UC Berkeley.

Emily McDonald, Communications & Marketing Manager

Emily grew up hiking and exploring the outdoors with her family and was introduced to mountain biking by her older brother in 2003. She was an endurance mountain bike and adventure racer for several years before moving to California in early 2014 with her husband Mike. Emily discovered NICA shortly after when she met some fellow mountain bikers on the trails in Sibley Park and was recruited to help coach the Berkeley High School Mountain Bike Team and grow their Young Women’s Program. She is passionate about youth development through mountain biking and encouraging environmental stewardship. Emily has a background in communications and program management and has worked with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Science Foundation. She has a M.S. in Environmental Health Sciences from the University of South Carolina.