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Our goal is to have every American cyclist become a member of the most powerful movement in the history of US cycling.  NICA’s mission is to develop high school mountain biking coast-to-coast by 2020, but we need your help! With your support, not only can NICA grow faster, but we can create programs that are accessible to all student-athletes.  Learn more here.

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Join PeopleForBikes!

PeopleForBikes is the national movement to make every bike ride better, including rides on trails and singletrack in communities where NICA teams train. When you join PeopleForBikes you join more than one million individuals who support better biking everywhere for everyone. PeopleForBikes grants and programs bring resources to communities across the country to help them build more bicycle infrastructure projects such as mountain bike trails, bike parks and BMX facilities. One of the easiest ways to get involved with PeopleForBikes is to register for the National Bike Challenge: log your miles, win prizes and compete against other NICA participants from May through September. Are YOU for bikes? Join Here!

League events

  • May 29-31, Virginia WFA , Blue Ridge School
  • May 30-31, New York Race #4 - Williams Lake, Rosendale, NY
  • May 30-31, Idaho Wilderness First Aid Training
  • June 6, Utah 1 Day Leaders' Summit
  • June 11-13, Colorado Granite Girls Camp
  • June 13, Wisconsin Summer Camp
  • June 13-14, New York Championship Race, The Bavarian Manor Country Inn, Purling, NY
  • June 20, Utah Alumni Leaders' Summit
  • June 29-July 3, NorCal Summer MTB Development Camp in Mendocino, CA

Full NICA Calendar

Interested in high school mountain biking?

Check out the Singletrack High trailer here.  Want to catch or host a screening? Check out this page here to learn more. 

NICA Team Fundraiser!

NICA Leagues and Teams in NY, WI, UT and CA have stem caps in hand and are starting to fundraise using them! We’ve designed this program to help teams fundraise and support interscholastic cycling locally, regionally and nationally. If you’re learning about this for the first time, an overview of the program can be found here. If you are a director or coach who wants to sell these as a team fundraiser, email Kurt Wolfgang at

California State Championship to be held in SoCal May 17th

The California State Championship is the only NICA League race where two leagues (NorCal and SoCal) compete in a State Championship. Riders from each league meet qualifications to compete. SoCal last hosted in 2012 (when some of our seniors were freshmen) and hosts again in 2015 and 2016. States is not part of any SoCal or NorCal series. It is a stand alone race. To qualify for States a rider needs to START at least 3 races in a SoCal or NorCal series. In addition, riders need to finish a race within a certain percentage of the riders that started the race. Full information on qualification procedure is on the race flyer HERE. Have fun NorCal and SoCal!

NICA Dream Team Contest

Watch and get inspired by the 14 Dream Team Videos!

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